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We Turn Dreams Into Ideas And Bring Them To Life

Mana marketing Academy is a Whanganui Maori owned business based in Aotearoa New Zealand that turns dreams into ideas and brings them to life for

  • entrepreneurs,

  • visionaries with a dream,

  • visionaries with an idea,

  • visionaries looking for a business with a system in place and..


Our Sales, Marketing and Communications System

Do you want to own a scalable, local, regional, national and international digital franchise business? Then watch this short video...

Can You Handle As Many Leads As We Can Throw At You?

We can get you more clients through

  • Lead Generation,

  • Online Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

Every business needs leads, customers and sales to survive and thrive the issue is...

You have no idea how many moving parts are needed for online marketing...

  • You think that having a website is enough!

  • You hire a graphic designer who has a skill in graphic design but not lead generation!

  • You don't view marketing as the one tool that can make you a fist full of money!

  • You take advice from everyone else who thinks they know but they don't!

  • You have no idea what a marketing system really is and what it can do for your business.!

Here's the thing, when it comes to marketing its a science

And you need to understand the science, for you to understand your numbers you need a system to capture those numbers in the right way for you behind the scenes..

That's where we come in....

You are the expert at what you do which is why we don't claim to be something we aren't...

  • We know we aren't carpenters...

  • We know we aren't mechanics...

  • We know we aren't dentists...

We specialise in getting you results online

You are the expert at what you do, and we are experts at marketing.

  • we wouldn't tell you how to build a home

  • we wouldn't tell you how to build a car engine

  • we wouldn't tell you how to mix a filling for a tooth,

But you would be surprised at how many business owners enjoy telling us how to do our trade...

You do you and let us do us!

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